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Although Aspen Highlands bowl did look a little daunting due to high winds above tree line this morning. I’m certainly glad I wo-manned up and made the trip. I didn’t even notice the wind until the last little ridge before the summit. On the way up G8 (the last section before the trees) looked prime time. We could hear skiers and boarders hootin’ and hollerin’ all the way down as they made wide, fast turns, and swooshing what looked like a lot of powder around. And I can happily confirm there was a LOT of powder. It was like cream cheese, a little heavier than usual Colorado fluffies, but actually perfect for higher speeds. As you can see in both pictures tracks were few and far between in both the main gut of the bowl and the Gs (trees). In fact the Gs were hardly touched. Get up there and don’t let a little wind hold you back!

An update from one of our locals. The Highland Bowl is skiing awesome.


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